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Thread: Older Chinese SP?

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    Older Chinese SP?


    I am seeking suggestions on locating a relatively older (late 20s through 40) Chinese provider who exhibits at least feigned enthusiasm through a body which leaves little regret in the wallet and memory.

    Also, given my limited means of transportation, an establishment within skytrain station proximity would be ideal.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I would recommend trackstar's mom! please keep in mind she's pretty damn ugly

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    That unfortunately fails to meet my "leaves little regret in memory" clause, but thanks.

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    LOL nice one

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    I would suggest Ally in Richmond. A bit of a walk from the Canada Line but not too bad. Lots of reviews here. $120/30, $140/45 minutes.

    Would it kill you to post a review?

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    go on ers , look for one holding a ers sign and wearing a american flag bikini or most of the ers amp's with beautiful models ,
    guaranteed when you get there , you will find what you are looking for ,
    A Old fat stinking Asian (give me money) #&*$&

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    Panther: I appreciate the suggestion.

    goo: if "old" means in receipt of Old Age Security, "fat" a size larger than my own, and "stinking" offensive to the olfactory system, I will only follow up on your advice should my circumstances become utterly dire.

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    Almost all of the Asian ads on C/L, Erslist or Backpage will lead you to what you want in spite of the posted age.

    21 is the new 42, or vv.

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    Many thanks for the observations. With inappropriate fires now muted, I'll probably be able to save myself some funding for later indelicacies.

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