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Thread: Warning: Dont respond to CL personals -- PredatorWatch

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    Warning: Dont respond to CL personals -- PredatorWatch

    Fellow pooners
    Please do not respond to CL personals or send your picture. I was dumb enough to fall as I thought thr girl was serious.

    Now somebody put me on Predatorwatch website. They are asking 99 dollars to remove my personal details. Guys Im not a predator and this is blackmail I did not do anything wrong but now Its.showing everything on Google if I search my name.

    Warning guys, this site is not government dplont send photos.

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    go to the police pardner... blackmail is blackmail. if you have it in writing or an email where they are asking for the money - you've got them
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    Quote Originally Posted by vancity_cowboy View Post
    go to the police pardner... blackmail is blackmail. if you have it in writing or an email where they are asking for the money - you've got them
    If only it were that simple.

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    I saw a youtube news report about this. The police can't do much for you, as these blackmailers are not local.
    Originally Posted by mercyshooter

    The reason that you are afraid of the "control it's people" principle is that you have something to hide. I think you are actually doing illegal stuff everyday. If you have nothing to hide, then why not let them kinda control/monitor/supervise/help you

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    Another option would be to send any said correspondence that shows he is being blackmailed to Predatorwatch, and ask them to remove his information. If they don't, threaten to sue their asses.

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    What are you talking about? doesn't post information as far as I can tell, it only has press releases of criminal cases and general information. doesnt exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tugela View Post doesnt exist.

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    If the site doesn't want to help you, you can contact thier ISP... thier terms of service may give you some info to get the ISP to act on your behalf...

    I did a search...

    The ISP seems to be in Sweden.

    Some info on them...

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    This is the picture I always use...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unpossible View Post
    Interesting.....I suspect they can be held liable for their content if they are charging to take posts down, and claim that it will be done within 30 minutes of a complaint (if you pay). Obviously there is no real person involved in doing that, because they can't "check" in that time frame, which means that it is a commercial activity.

    Also, they label the victim as "offender", which is a label THEY have applied, not the person making the post, which makes THEM liable for the defamation.

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    The site that hosts this is If you read carefully they specialize in free speech and it's unlikely they will remove you. If you read carefully they specialize in keeping servers secure and mitigating DDoS attacks. They most likely us Black Lotus to do so. This is an organized company that specializes in appealing to the type of people who request these services.

    If you surf the website in question, it sets a variety of cookies on your computer on where you've been and where you are going. It appears that it follows you. It's also likely Americans doing this given the option to use a Discover card to remove your profile. This is clearly what is known as ransomware.
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    They can claim free speech all they want, but free speech does not mean no liability. In this particular case it is the website that is attaching the label to the name, not the persons supposedly posting the information. They are making a claim of fact that they have made no attempt to establish is true, that creates liability for them. In spite of their claims in their FAQ, the law does not protect them.

    That assumes that someone actually is posting information, and the site is not randomly fishing IDs off the internet. Also, they are charging a fee for a "service", that is not actually a service.

    They can claim free speech all they want, but when something is identified as defamatory on their website, they have an obligation to remove it. Paying a fee is not part of that deal. If they refuse then they assume liability for the defamation and the victim can go after them for damages.

    What they are relying on is that the people they post will not have the resources to do anything about it.

    Also, they are probably located offshore so there is no recourse anyway.

    It is basically extortion.

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