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Thread: Best GFE cowgirl / ACG?

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    Best GFE cowgirl / ACG?

    Who gives the best GFE cowgirl / ACG? I can rarely finish just from lying on my back with CG/ ACG (ie girl doing all the work). As an infrequent pooner (with a smallish shlong thus requiring some fairly vigorous CG/ACG) where should I look? (last person I found who can finish me this way was Max the gymnast, but she hasn't been around for years). GFE essential (I like making out too).

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    Blonde Brynn, she's a paid advertiser

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    Honestly, if you ask me the best cowgirl that I've had was Swedish Heidi (Burnaby). Not sure was up that day but I had a difficult time finishing and she rode me hard for a reasonable length of time. I was hella surprised that she had the leg strength to keep at it for that long.

    Afterwards it seemed like it wasn't even a big deal for her. Great sport, great service. I'm sure others would agree. Also, she does GFE.

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    I'll second Heidi. I was amazed when she got me off with reverse CG. I was just getting started and couldn't hold on.

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