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Thread: Sun hope massage

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    Sun hope massage

    Any intel on this place that is listed in kijiji.?

    I talked briefly to someone on phone and said that massage was 80.
    The gal that I spoke to was obviously heavily accented Chinese.
    There was a language barrier with this gal, and could not get much more info than that.


    Decided to go and see for myself.
    So I will add this to the post

    Saw Mai.
    Tiny and 100 pounds.
    Quite cute, early 30's
    English very poor.
    Massage was quite weak and nothing special.
    No happy ending offered. When asked about, she laughed and said that she did not do that.
    Well that left me confused and 80 lighter. Confused because the establishment is cookie cutter rub and tug setup......yet no happy ending.

    Anyone else with any experiences they would like to share?
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    Head to Cerb and read about Ness massage if this is the location you went too.

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    I've posted over on the other Erb in the discussion JohnnyB6 mentions - you need to see Rose for the happy ending, seems like none of the other staff do it. There was some "tag-team" massage happening when they just opened as she was training some of the other girls, not sure if that's still going on.

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