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Thread: WOT 0519 and 8805 blonde girls richmond (and probably a bunch of other numbers...)

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    WOT 0519 and 8805 blonde girls richmond (and probably a bunch of other numbers...)

    The people advertising this blonde girl in Richmond have wasted my time on 2 occasions assuring me that who i was going to see would NOT be Devon (a caucasian girl that has worked in Richmond for quite some time, and has many reviews on this forum). They advertise blonde caucasian girls with names such as Tracy, Anna and Sara but be rest assured, they are all the same girl and they are all Devon. The thing is, the last 2 times i've called i've asked the person over the phone if said blonde girl would be Devon. Both times i was told it was a different blonde girl and both times i've made the drive to the place only to find that said girl was/is Devon.
    The thing is, i'm not some heartless bastard and i feel bad every time i walk out Devon. Its not her fault that the people over the phone can't get their shit together to figure out who is who. When i told these people over the phone on both occasions that i was interested in the caucasian girl, but i wasn't interested in seeing Devon, both times i was assured it wouldn't be. The second time, they made me wait 20 min and called me back telling me it wasn't her, and low and behold what did i find after waiting 20 min? Devon..... is it her fault? Hell no!!
    Heres the other part of this whole thing, some of the women in this type of work sincerely like their jobs! While others are just in it to make a living. I would have to say that having dealt with this "agency" before i would like to point out that none of the girls have ever seemed happy about working for said "agency" (if thats what you want to call it lol). That being said, i've come to the conclusion that i don't want to support this "agency" anymore because of the mere fact that none of their workers seem happy. This "agency" also likes to play games such as the one i already mentioned where they made me wait 20 mins to only find that the girl i was about to see was the very one that i explicitly told them i did not want to see. They THINK WE'RE STUPID! I don't give my money to people that are disrespectful like that. They are not only disrespectful to me, but also to their workers! (I feel bad because Devon probably doesn't understand why i left, hopefully she doesn't think its her fault!)

    I have seen many wonderful SP's over the years and have decided that i'm not gonna support these fucks anymore, in my eyes supporting this agency is supporting organized crime plain and simple. Their are wonderful women to meet in this line of work, they just can't be found with this "agency".

    So in conclusion, if your ever thinking of supporting this "agency" (pretty much all their girls are located around Lansedowne mall in Richmond) just know that your supporting people that think your stupid and want to take advantage of you, your supporting people that have no respect for their workers, and your supporting god knows what else their involved in because these stupid fucks have organized crime written all over them. I suggest independent SP's if your looking for an alternative to this "agency" (or anyone else for that matter...)

    PS: If anyone is wondering why i'm not interested in Devon its because i'm not that attracted to her although i think she's a wonderful person from the times i have been able to talk to her. She was super friendly every time and didn't ever give me a hard time about leaving! I was also as nice as i could be despite my frustration.

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    Just noted that the INFAMOUS "Christine" has resurfaced. This turkey is DEVIN and she carries such a bad reputation. The current Devon has probably run into declining business (even with the hot-looking white goils with whom she surrounds herself (just camoflage I would guess) hoping to pick up the odd unsuspecting uninformed victim. How the hell Devon figures the reincarnation of Christine is a positive change is beyond comprehension??? There should be a BBB for providers and these misrepresenting timewasters should be run-out-of-town/business. My apologies if this reply is seen as hyjacking your thread. It's just so annoying to continually seeing this no-talent take up cyberspace these past three years.


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    Yeah I totally have to agree with you about Devin. There is something about her pics that totally turn me off? Might work for other pooners but not my cup of tea.

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    i've also been tricked into this scheme! I showed up... and yes.. it was devon!! ALTHOUGH, i gave her the donation, then a guy walked in, and said that she couldnt see anyone right now, and pushed me out the door. I had all of my money stolen from me! I am a very respectful man and there would be no reason for this to happen, other than the fact that she had decided to screww me over. I highly recommend that every one saves the hassle and their money and NOT indulge in these said "blondes"

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    and the reason this wasn't posted in neighbourhood watch is because... ???
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