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Thread: False Sense of Entitlement

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    Thumbs down False Sense of Entitlement

    Thanks to easy access free sites, SO many young girls are advertising their services. The big problem I am seeing, is that these newbies see ads from top-notch pros, who have professional photos taken, professional websites designed, live in beautiful condos, have their place immaculate, invest in high quality lingerie, pay to market themselves, look like a million bucks when you see them, don't have a scuzzy pimp hiding in the next room and do their best to offer reasonable rates. They have welcoming attitudes, make you feel special, treat you like a king, treat you with kindness and respect and are grateful for your business.

    The little youngsters that are posting on Craigslist, ERSList, BP, etc look at the rates of these high class beauties and automatically post the same rates, regardless that the majority of them have issues, such as: Pics taken with a cell phone in the bathroom (this isn't facebook kids!), shitty incalls in crappy neighbourhoods (I like my car to be as safe as I am if you don't mind), their incall is a pigsty (grow up), MANY are incredibly obese (yet they still mention their "Bangin' Bodies" in their ads, because they have titty muffin-tops), they have "hooker" mentalities (are you close yet? Are you going to cum soon-Nope, not anymore!), they believe that you are lucky that they took your call, let alone agreed to touch you for $200 (Get over yourselves, you're just a three dressed up as a nine), they're unreliable as hell and pull attitude if you get miffed about it (I know we agreed on 9:00, but 16 and pregnant was on, what's your problem???) and there is rarely any kind of intimacy (GFE doesn't stand for Give Females Extra).

    I'm just done with the duck faced picture taking, shitty attitude, lackluster skilled, living in a pigsty, knock off Chanel wearing, buy your blond dye in bulk with all of your friends hair, rookies that have nothing to offer but a mediocre experience where you go home thinking, "Wow. I just wasted a lot of money on a chick with a bad breast enhancement who thinks that giving head means bobbing up and down on the tip and is too lazy to get on top"!

    Before the popularity of the ad sites, you would see these girls on Kingsway giving BJ's in your car for $40. A year back, you would see several of them on the net offering it all for $60-$100 ($100 would be the Burnaby or Surrey white girls that looked pretty hot). Now we have hundreds of girls I wouldn't let jerk me off for free at a sperm bank wanting $150 for a half hour!

    To the women in the first paragraph, kudos to you for taking pride in your looks, attitude, incall and services! Kudos also to the women that recognise that they are not able to commit the time, money and energy into providing what the women in the first paragraph do, but allow their rates to reflect that, while at the same time offering amazing services with a great attitude. To the shit-head little Paris Hilton wannabe princesses that see this as an opportunity to make some easy cash while overcharging and treating clients like sub-humans, enjoy your short ride, because we have seen you come and go in a matter of weeks or months. Either word gets out on this board, or you get called out for your methods and show your true colours on here, allowing all of the guys to see what your really about!

    To my brother pooners: I know some of these girls look hot, all done up and sporting the bolt-ons, but we need to start sticking together and giving our business to the sp's that deserve our money! The ones that provide great service and have the skills! The ones that you can easily see yourself being friends with because of how you were treated! The ones that are skilled enough to make you feel that it's not all about the money (even if it is, the right woman will never let that show!). In the almost nine years of being on this board, I have NEVER seen SO MANY negative reviews; most centering on the money grabbing, lazy assed, greedy, "self-entitled" and delusional "girls" I have just discussed. It's bad enough with the micro bait and switches that have been going on since forever, but at least with them the complaints are about looks instead of rip-offs and disrespectful attitudes!

    Just my two cents (rounded up to a nickel).
    Sure I'll meet your mom, is she hot?

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    Amen! One of the best posts I've seen for a long time.
    Thank you for your observations and distinctions.

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    To add to my rant, what is with all of the native chicks saying they're Spanish, or Dominican, or why??? And to add to the brat-pack that rides on the REAL SP's coat tails, I can't believe all of the old junkies and crack-heads that post pics from years ago, subtract ten years from their ages, live in a crack shack, but post the same rates as the total goddesses that deserve it!
    Sure I'll meet your mom, is she hot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trackstar View Post
    To add to my rant, what is with all of the native chicks saying they're Spanish, or Dominican, or why???
    Because they're ashamed of being native, OR - they don't think you'll like them because they anticipate prejudice against natives, OR a bit of both.

    Same crap in the 80's with Chinese girls here in the lower mainland.... they advertised as being "Hawaiian". They were ashamed of being Chinese, OR they thought it unsexy to be Chinese, OR they thought the white man would have prejudice against them for being Chinese, OR a bit of everything mentioned. Nowadays those afflicted with such problems call themselves "Eurasian" because being a bit white is always better than being completely yellow, from their point of view. Thankfully they are no longer trying to convince us they are "Hawaiian" because that's a bit of a stretch in these parts of the world. It just goes to show that stupid people always think other people are stupid.

    The same shit is going on with some Persians who try to tell you they are Italian, and I'm not just talking escorts here.

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    I agree this is an AWESOME post!!! I've been thinking the same thing lately, of how there are SO MANY prostitutes nowadays on the internet in BC, there are thousands and thousands! And they all have totally free brand new accounts, didn't even take 5 mins to get verified, and the cell phone bathroom mirror pics. And when I see any of these shitty girls charging more than $200 an hour, I'm like seriously

    And to tell you the truth, a lot of civilian women do think extremely low of pooners. The ones that Ive heard from at least think that pooners are low life perverted scum (this is totally not what i think and i was shocked to hear this) that are cheaters and liars and deserve to be taken advantage of by women by paying for sex. Basically from a few statements and a mixture of comments that is the impression that I got from my close girls that Ive confided in about this business. And even some escorts that ive worked with...Because right from the beginning I was extra sweet and nice to every client, and I still am I dont look down at them at all but I was surprised that a lot of women think this way of men who pay for sex, its almost heartbreaking for me because these men are choosing me and paying me and treating me like a princess so I think highly of them.

    ps I think I fit into this category -
    Kudos also to the women that recognise that they are not able to commit the time, money and energy into providing what the women in the first paragraph do, but allow their rates to reflect that, while at the same time offering amazing services with a great attitude.

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    "I'm just done with the duck faced picture taking" Quote trackstarI know exactly what you mean about the pics....Overly pouty lips...Not attractive...

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    I'm just done with the duck faced picture taking

    I laughed when I read this statement....

    The pouty duck faces with the upper lip stuck out look pretty common and IMHO...not so sexy for a Professional SP....

    Looks good on your facebook page there...But...

    Too immature to be in this business IMHO...

    No disrespect....Just... Give yourself a chance to grow up first girls...

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    There is an age filter on "the search engine" try bumping it up a few notches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikegurlz View Post
    [SIZE=5]Give yourself a chance to grow up first girls...
    yet most pooners want a young 19-20 year old so i guess they have to deal with the immaturity if they want young meat right

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    Quote Originally Posted by mik View Post
    Now that gal DESERVES a facial and not out of erotic intent...she just plain DESERVES one LOL

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    This post is beyond brilliant, and so on the money it hurts. This is why I see established girls, who have EARNED the rate they charge, and know how to treat a client. I try and stay away from BP girls, unless the odd diamond in the rough appears, and even then not until she gets rave reviews...

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    Quote Originally Posted by luv 2 lick pussy View Post
    Great post Track . I've never gone as much into detail as you have. But somewhere in my pasts posts, I've said numerous times that the ladies here on perb is the only route to take....period!!!

    Those free sites......" YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR "...phoney ad photos etc. Here, ladies have to pay to advertise, so 9 out 10 time, you'll get high high quality, attractive girls. The real deal.

    Thumbs up to all the ladies on perb . You are all awesome!!!!
    That's the problem, you DON'T get what you pay for, not by a long shot!
    Sure I'll meet your mom, is she hot?

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    This post separates the women from the girls.

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    Congratulations, TrackBoy, on an extremely well written post! It moved in a determined manner, was very descriptive and, of course, interesting. Do you ever write articles or fiction? If not, please consider.

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