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Thread: SP's defending themselves using this board

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    Lightbulb SP's defending themselves using this board

    Iwant to her from the hobbiest and the SP on what they think,should theSP be able to about defending themslves on this board i f they get a negitive review so lets here your response to this question.

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    For sure, there is always 2 sides to the story, and besides, its better that the sp identify themselves truthfully than lurk behind a false name and post bogus reviews.

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    What acc said.

    That said, I noticed that Rebecca was being rather harsh and defensive towards that one review. If an SP is going to respond to constructive criticism by flaming the reviewer instead of discussing the matter like an adult then I would have second thoughts about having them here.
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    Yes, SPs do have the right to defend themselves on this board. I do, however, feel that too much "defending" can backfire in terms the additional posts and negative perceptions created, justifiably or not. The TERB has far more of this going on than the PERB. ---Moe

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    Wolerine, it has been quite a few hours since I looked at my first post, and you're right, it was a little harsh sounding. Honestly though, I was a little angry with Diggers post, inparticular the comment on being rushed. If not for my posting, I probably would have lost a lot of business because of it. I just wanted to clear the fact that it wasnt true. It's a little disappointing when you try hard, and then a poster prints a lie. I could have been more tactful, but on a lighter note nobody knows who Digger is, but the whole town now knows that on my chest is a little less than perfect (maybe a lot, what do I know?) Anyways, I am going to quietly go away now.

    P.S...... I don't mind if I get a bad review. I am far from perfect, but all I ask (and I think I'm speaking on behalf of all the girls) is just tell the truth. Nothing more,, nothing less.

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    Hear, Here

    I'll give you a hand up on that soapbox anytime.


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    Well like goesks said, we all encounter criticism at work. But rather than take it personally, I learned long ago to take that criticism, discuss it rationally (not hotly debate it), and then use it as a tool for further improvement...nobody loses in that scenario. Otherwise, taking it personally will only lead to worse evaluations and bad morale - doesn't matter what line of work you do. But then again, that's just me (to quote the dearly departed Cubb Carson).

    As for the rest of us, being the MP clients, be honest and fair in your reviews. A good critic mentions what is good and what could be done better. And just like with restaurant reviews, everyone has differing tastes and differing chemistry with those who serve them. Lastly, just like in any service industry, if the service really sucks, inform the manager.

    As for you, Rebecca - c'mon back. In fact, I'm thinking of stopping by to see you sometime soon.

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    The MPs definetly should activly post on these boards, However as who they are, not a made up client.
    One of the reasons I am disgusted with boards like canbest is that its full of no reviews, nothing but people bickering back and forth. Any reviews that are there are so old and you cant even trust what anyone says.
    One thing MPs have to realise is that a guy who puts down two browns for a session should be the one to determin if he felt rushed.
    Nothing against rebecca, who I have seen and recommend.
    How many of us make at least 2 browns a day? Not many i would say, so to leave a place less then happy can cause a person to feel ripped off.
    I personaly am not a fan of the "everyone has a off day" excuse, I dont mind a YMMV, but off days are nott acceptable when people put down that much money.
    Most of the time I see a MP I just drop by a place thats close and go with whoever greets me. Because of that im willing to be forgiving in my reviews and I at least hope I have never offended anyone I have reviewed, but the customer is allways right, even if thier opinion is overly harsh and it does effect the buissness of a girl unfairly. Its something we all should learn to accept.
    useing the instance with rebecca, even if people read 1 review with a negative aspect of "it felt rushed" they also see reviews like mine on her and those of others and will have to base thier opinion on that.
    Im just babbling here, I have too much free time tonight.
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