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Thread: Nude protest against the war! How come it doesn’t happen here?

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    Talking Nude protest against the war! How come it doesn’t happen here?

    300 nude protesters in Chile marched in a downtown park, and then later marched again in front of the presidential palace, where the police turned the water cannons on them! The women needed a bath? It turns out that the protesters only had a permit to protest in the park but forgot to get a 2nd permit to protest in front of the government palace. A legal technicality.

    All those SPs, that keep lurking here like flies on the wall, remember to get that second location protest permit otherwise the Vancouver police will unleash the water cannons on you! I’m only thinking of your welfare.

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    too cold.

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    Two weeks ago there was a nude protest on sunset beach on a chilly but sunny sunday afternoon.

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