Good morning. I have been a lurker and have decided to contribute to all of the discussions.

I got into the hobby a while ago when I went to visit Marlowe when she was first working at VIP. As many know, she is no longer in the business. Unfortunate, as she is my Gold Standard. She was about 30, fit but not a runway model, and wonderfully enthusiastic. I prefer the girl next door type, hopefully adept at conversation.

I visited Blair at VIP more recently, who I would classify as the office girl we all want to spend our lunch hour with in a hotel room. I prefer BBBJ, and the woman excels at it. My only comment is that she wears tongue hardware, so be advised. Would I repeat? No. Simply because YMMV goes both ways, and while she was wonderful, I am still searching for my regular companion.

And finally, the classy Emmy St. Claire. Very fit, very smart, very skilled. Think Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" behind closed doors. Found her through PERB and looked at her website, presumed she was a student who fit my girl next door criterion. She is not. Belongs in a Manhatten penthouse on a chaise lounge in front of floor to ceiling glass at midnight. Impeccible skills. Big brain. Not available at the drop of a hat, so you need to be serious. Would I repeat? Of course, one does not live on a diet of girl next door alone.

Gentlemen, where are the girls next door?