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Thread: What is a good website for "Cyber Cruising"?

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    Question What is a good website for "Cyber Cruising"?

    What is a good website for "Cyber Cruising"? I use to drive around the strolls, but I gave that up as they have become a waste of time. So I try, to do my window shopping on the net now. I use to like, but it is very rarely updated anymore. is ok, but it isn't updated much more frequently than HNE. I have recently found, but they seem a little high end. Does anyone out there have a favorite website that has photo listings of SPs in the greater Vancouver area? -Thanks.

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    A good web site is Gentlemen's world . They have link to all the girls, escort web sites, agencies and discussions board.

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    New site

    These folks have set up a new site. It has a discussion board and an area they call the directory. The directory has a lot of escorts listed with contact info. I think there are pics and links to websites as well. The discussion board is still a bit quiet but it looks like it has some promise.

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    Chickenbone - I am in the same situation as you. Use to be a die hard street cruizer, but that scene died years ago, so now I am a cyber-cruizer.

    Be careful of, there are some negative reviews out there.

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    Check out Trina she's a real change to the scence of escorts... She is drop dead beautiful.. She has pictures on the site.. Your jaw will drop when you see them.

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