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Thread: Naught Housewife (Richmond 808-8190)

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    Naught Housewife (Richmond 808-8190)

    Anyone know how to contact Rachel ? She was an awesome SP
    Classy , goooood attitude , good FS , good greek. I think she must have changed numbers or moved. Anyone know how to contact her?

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    I posted a 411 several months ago looking for her too. She is just awesome, and very reasonably priced when you compare the service. I know she had some family problems back in Manitoba, and at one time was going back and forth between BC and there. Than she tried to cut back by giving a different number to just her regulars. I have tried to contact her at all the numbers with no success. My guess is that she had to move back to Manitoba, but not known whether she will move back here. If you hear anything, let me know, and I will do the same for you. Cheers

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    Talking Rachel from richmond

    Whart other numbers did she use? I only knew three 808-8190 , 448-1908 and 279-9069.
    Did you see her last at the apartment on Moffat ( 3rd floor) or the
    Apartment on Elmbridge (7th floor)? Both are in Richmond.
    I heard that she is still in Richmond somewhere .

    Let me Know. She could suck cock all afternoon with a big smile on her face.

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