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Thread: Blue Topaz (Pam)

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    Blue Topaz (Pam)

    Has anyone beeen to her new place? What's it like, warmer than the old location on 17th I hope? What are the girls she's working with, has anyone had a session with one of these girls?
    I'm going to see her this weekend and will post afterwards.

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    Wake me in a week, cause I am drained!
    Wow, is all I can say. Great surroundings, a jacuzzi, open shower and a beautiful and skillfull mp can only add up to an explosive result.
    Pam is still the best and boy what an imagination, all I can say is hang onto your socks, cause your going for a ride!

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    Well, what can I saw that hasn't been said before about Pam. WOW!!!!! She sure knows how to treat a guy right and make him leave with the biggest smile on your face. Her new place is really nice. This was my first time seeing her, but lets just say it won't be my last.

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    how would a person get from the airport area to that parlour im goin g to be in calgary in a few days would that be better than an escort it seems like it might be more erotic

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    Deerfoot Trail South to Heritage Drive West then to...Fairmont North isn't it??

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    [email protected]

    To be more accurate, it is #4, 7204 Fairmount Dr., SE. Located in a small strip mall. Telephone 258-2213. Phone well in advance (a few days so you won't disappointed to find out she is booked up).
    Has anyone seen any of the girls that Pam is working with, in particular has ayone seen Erika?

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    I belive this is near Chinook Mall
    Might be couple blocks south of the mall

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    Blue Topaz

    The Newguy, you are correct.

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