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Thread: ISO Tokyo Spa

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    ISO Tokyo Spa

    Visited this Tokyo Spa on West 4th Ave and MacDonald, when I was in town a year and half ago. Not even sure if it is MacDonald.

    Anyway, just wonder if that place is still around, and if follow hobbyists had any good experince there recently. I read lots of posts about Bex, but not this one.

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    I saw a chinese girl called Helen while I was there. She is about 5'5" , 115 lbs. Not bad looking. Clean shaven. Okay service. Anybody seen her recently.

    I like the room because t there is private shower, but the towels are lousy(worn out)

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    Its okay, but very expensive. The room rates and the specials are above average price. The girls are well trained, and generally give good massages. i have been there several times and saw all asian girls except for a blonde one of the times. Even the blonde was quite good in massage much to my surprise. I can;t remember the cost of the extras exactly, but they are higher than at Acu-point or Happy girl. Just look at the neighbourhood they are in. Quite upscale.

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