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Thread: Anyone seen an SP with their wife/gf?

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    Anyone seen an SP with their wife/gf?

    I am wondering if anyone here has seen a SP with their (open minded) significant other.

    Was a good time had by all? Did you pay an arm and a leg to the SP because of the special circumstances.

    Was switching back and forth between the two more complicated because of protection issues?

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    I know Rachel at scarletts house has done something like that before. I haven't done anything like before, but I did know someone that had some fun with his wife and her.

    She is a great lady. Lots of fun. I can speak personally on that one. Treat her well and she treats you well.

    here is the web page

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    My wife and I have been talking about this very thing. (My significant other is VERY open minded.)

    I too would be very interested finding out about any SPs in the Vancouver area who would be okay with this--or more importantly, would enjoy this!

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    Did you ever go through with it?

    Originally posted by Ingrid
    I've been asked to do this however I think the majority of callers that are asking girls if they do this really don't have a girlfriend of wife to bring along, but just want the image in their head.

    If you are serious about doing this, I suggest getting your girlfriend or wife to make the call and talk with the SP herself.

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