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Thread: lactating SPs

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    lactating SPs

    is there any new lactating SPs out there?

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    Not lactating yet...

    I met up with a cute little blonde on the corner of Salsibury and Franklin about two weeks ago. She was pregnant, (6 months) which she told me up front, I almost changed my mind, but I have to admit I have always thought about doing a Mom to be. She says she will be quiting the biz when she has her kid, but I doubt that. She took me to her apartment, nice and clean. Try looking for her. Hope this helps!

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    pregnant sps

    There is an ad in the GS this week under the fetish section for an sp who claims to be 7 mos along. Phoned her out of curiosity and she told me that it is 1 brown and 4 greens for fs. Did not ask for details but she sounded nice. Will not be seeing her myself but if anyone does how about a review.

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