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Thread: Sweet Emmy St. Claire

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    Sweet Emmy St. Claire

    I've been on quite a break. When I checked my last review here today I realized that it has been near 4 months since my last adventure. And that one wasn't even slightly decent. So, I knew that I would need to make my venture back very memorable. After much reading and researching I decided a visit to Victoria to see the oft reviewed Emmy St. Claire was in order. I made plans mostly via text and after a bit of back and forth we made definite plans. On the way over I bought some flowers for her which she seemed to really appreciate. When she opened her door I was absolutely blown away. I could feel myself blushing and getting nervous but Emmy has an easy going demeanour and very welcoming so it was short lived.

    I'd say that based on all these PERB reviews that it's pretty obvious Emmy is one beautiful girl. She obliged me with a request to dress in satin. It was hot. She looked amazing. For me, the scent of her body scent (vanilla?) was completely intoxicating. Once we started kissing I wanted to devour her immediately but she sensed this and gently slowed down the tempo. In turn, I was treated to one hell of a sensual and seductive experience. Emmy is truly beautiful. She has gorgeous dark hair, warm brown eyes, soft, pouty lips, firm breasts (and when I say firm I mean firm, absolutely stunning), shapely legs and a tight, dynamite bum that I took the liberty of kissing over and over. She also is a great conversationalist, easy going and a cool girl all around. The whole package.

    I won't get into the nitty gritty details but I will say that it's easy to see why so many men here on PERB walk away completely taken with her. I know I was. The day after a woman walked past me and a scent lingered. It reminded me of Emmy and I smiled to myself. That's what she does to you. Another reason I know I was smitten? I had planned on an hour but decided to stay an extra half hour- couldn't resist, didn't try. One thing is for certain, it's not if I see Emmy again, but when. And I can hardly wait.

    Price: $350/ 1.5 hours
    Recommend? Um, well yes. And you can sign me up for her fan club and add me to the growing list of drooling men too.

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    I have seen quite of reviews of this lady. She sounds like a complete winner I am jealous.

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    Well friend, there's only one way to cure that jealousy - do yourself a favour and book with her. I'm fairly certain you won't regret it! For me, hands down the best sexual experience I've had yet.

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    Thanks for the kind words, I'm so glad that you had a good time with me!!

    It's weird though, this is the third time I've been called brown-eyed in a review. I like to think of them as green (but my drivers license says hazel, so maybe wishful thinking on my part!!).

    Oh well. As Will Ferrell said on Twitter the other day: "If he remembers the color of your eyes after the first date, you probably have small boobs". So maybe people misremembering my eye colour is a testament to my breasts

    Cell phone pic, for what it's worth:

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    The "eyes" have it....
    Red Baron

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    Whoops. Did I say brown? I meant hazel Whatever the colour of your eyes may be, you're fantastic. As for the testament to your breasts, well, that probably applies here. I think my words were "absolutely stunning".

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    So let's start designing the charter for Emmy's FanClub!!! These new pictures indicate longer hair than when I saw her last year.... an exciting thought Confirmation Evan?

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