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Thread: KewtKylie simply awesome

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    KewtKylie simply awesome

    Earlier in the summer I noticed a new provider, KewtKylie posting ads on the Vancouver Independent Provider section. Interesting, I ended up chatting with her later that week in the Perb Chat late one night. She seemed pretty cool, friendly and she admittedly loves what she does as I also love what these women do that love their work. We exchanged cell numbers and texted each other over a period of a few weeks.

    When she posted she was doing a mini tour over to Vancouver, I signed up right away and I thought meeting a new 30 something petite SP was exactly what the BBB needed. Damn, the stars didn't align properly that weekend and I had to bail on our appointment. Kylie was cool about it and said 'one day soon we will meet'.

    A few weeks later, it turned out I had a couple of meetings in Victoria requiring I stay over night coming up. Bingo. Now this time I did something I hadn't done before with an SP and that was suggest an over nighter with KewtKylie without a trial run as in a preliminary one hour or 90 minute date. I noted all her previous reviews were all good and thought I would just throw caution to the wind and propose an overnighter I guess she had a good feeling about me too because said sure let's meet at your hotel in Victoria and play it by ear. ie if it all goes great we will do an all nighter or perhaps just a couple of hours if it didn't pan out. That plan worked well for me.

    Well after our first encounter in the hotel room I thought if that's what the first round is like then I gotta commit to the overnighter. Suffice it to say Kylie made my knees buckle.

    After a nice shower we opted for a local pub for dinner and a historic walk around Victoria later that night. It was pretty awesome really hanging out with Kylie as she is a great conversationalist with some cool interests too. You will have to meet her to find out the whole story She really is the whole package.

    Back to our hotel and we had a lot more play which was even more intense the second time round. Kylie sensed I was having trouble cumming the second time round and just kept going in multiple positions and with lots of oral in between. She just told me not to stop which I find pretty cool since she was definitely wanting a nice O herself from all our play. She brought along one of her toys that she produced while she was riding me CG. I soon found out how vocal Kylie can be in the right situation.....

    I probably woke up around six AM as usual and I reached over to find this nice firm, soft skinned petite body sleeping next to me. Rubbing her body soon brought us both back to life and soon we were having our pre breakfast romp. Just like the previous two it was amazing and totally fulfilling at the same time.

    After a nice breakfast together and a kiss in the parking lot we went about our day. Even though I had an early morning meeting, I have to admit my mind was on other things the whole time.

    Looks, Attitude, Service were all great in my book. Kylie is an attractive 30 something woman who loves what she does and gives 100%. She was a delight to be around the whole time and I was glad I took the chance that a blind date would turn out this well. So if you are in Victoria or if she is touring in your area I highly recommend spending time with Kylie. I know I will be soon

    Check out her website for all the details you need.

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    Very nice, thanks for the review. I had written her a while back but was out of town when she came to Victoria. Perhaps I can convince her to return one day soon.
    Your review describes everything I imagined a date with her would be.

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