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    Edmonton Gems

    Hello everyone
    Later this month, I'm coming to stay in Edmonton until July to house-sit for a vacationing friend and I would like to get the 'lowdown' on the scene in Edmonton. Where are the best places to go? Best SP's? Best rates/service? GFE's? How about SW's? Any places in particular to check out or stay away from? I hear there's no incalls up there, is this true? Sorry for all the questions, just curious to check out the talent and would like to be well informed of any gems or rip-offs.
    Thanks in advance

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    When it comes to SWs stay away from them, alot of them are Transvestites and also will rip you off and take your money and run.
    Stick to the MPs since the Escorts are horrible in edmonton. The MPs cost less and with them you have a better chance of getting quality then simply ripped off or disapointed. Read the reviews that some of us have posted and take a look at the web sites and find one you like.
    Let us know how things go for you.
    Bobo The Rabbit
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    Thanks for the reply Bobo. Out here in Vancouver, MP's are definitely not the norm as we have many incall services. Agencies are popular, but independents are much more popular, and much safer than the bitter brats agencies have. Out here, independents are much more into the service side of things than simply the fee (SP's from some agencies like to press for loads of money up front instead of being confident in their service skills - the agencies also take a large portion of the fee, leaving the SP's with hardly anything, which can make for a bad attitude/experience before the clothes even come off).

    From reading all of the reviews and information posted on this board, I've concluded the following:

    Good MP's
    Fantasy, Penthouse, Cloud Nine, Deja Vu

    Bad MP's
    Kama Sutra, Executive, Sinderellas, Kingsway, Southside

    Good SP's
    Shawna/Katrina/Jessie/Rosanna (Fantasy)
    Kitt/Rebecca (Deja Vu)
    Jamie/Stevie (Cloud Nine)
    Krystal (Penthouse)
    (can anyone suggest some good non-rushed GFE's out of the 9 ladies listed above?)

    FS, CBJ seem to be the norm, DATY doesn't appear very often (with DATY, obviously YMMV)

    Going rate for FS 60 seems to be around 2 browns.

    I've never been to an MP and don't have the funds to check one out here before I come out to Edmonton. Can anyone describe a typical MP experience and price structure? I've picked up that the first charge is a room fee, usually $25-$40. Hot tubs, showers, and massages are available, but then we get into "extras" which are the real details I'm wondering about. What extras are usually offered or what can a newbie to Alberta expect? And what are the going rates for these extras? (how do all the extras come together to make up the overall average of 2 browns?).

    I've seen this post has received alot of views but not many replies. I totally understand from the Vancouver board to take one for the team instead of posting vague questions about potetial experiences. Thank you to all who reply and I hope many more will take the opportunity to add their two cents.

    And thanks to everyone for turning me on to Canbest. There is a wealth of information there, but there's just so much information it will take me a few days to sort through.

    Thanks again for the reply Bobo

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    Actually, I think the reason that there are so many views and so few replies is that about 90% of the people who come here read the info, but never provide any themselves. I would guess that this would be for 1 of two reasons.

    1. They come here to get the thrill of reading about something they'd like to do but can't seem to get the courage/money to actually DO.

    2. They come here to take info only and couldn't care less if they helped anyone else out.

    I'll admit, for a while, I was #1. Wanted to go, but didn't really know what to expect, or that I really wanted to drop $200. But I finally got up the courage/cash to go and I'm glad I did. My "first" was with Jade from DejaVu and I definately did NOT leave dissapointed. I'd recommend adding her to your short list. But I plan on seeing Kitt next as she's got some great reviews here too.

    I can't help you out with much of the info you're looking for as I've only been less than 5 times now, but I'm sure one of the regulars here will help ya out. I've noticed that sometimes it takes a few days before the regulars come out of the woodwork and go on a posting spree.

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    As to what to expect upon a first-time visit, I'll put it in a chronological order:

    1. If you arrive without an appointment, each SP who is not with another customer will come out and introduce yourself, just so you can see who you like. One of them may give you a quick tour of the different rooms and answer some general questions. Please note that for legal reasons you cannot discuss any of the "extra" services until you and her are safely behind closed doors in one of the rooms.

    2. If you decide to go for a session, you may be asked for the room fee upfront (usually about $25) and ask you to shower. She'll step out of the room for about 5-10 minutes while you shower. Be sure to give your ass crack a good thorough cleansing!

    3. If the room has a jacuzzi or a body shampoo stall, your session will start there - if not, proceed to step 4. My personal favorite is the jacuzzi because she'll strip down and join you. YMMV in the tub: in most cases, you get a GFE with lots of teasing, other times she just sits there and does nothing. Note that the tub is empty and has to be filled during those 10 minutes when she's out of the room, so you should monitor the water temp while you are waiting for her.

    4. You're lying face-down on the massage table and she gives you a massage. Again, this will vary in quality: some SPs have the therapeutic massage skills, most do not.

    5. The fun part: extra services! I've always gone for the 2 brown "full-meal deal" that includes most or all of the following: reverse, CBJ, FS. Not sure how much are each level, but the SP will gladly tell you. DATY will only likely happen with some SPs after you've seen her several times.

    6. Shower again to wash the oil off yourself while she quickly cleans up the room for the next session.

    7. Pay her for services rendered before you leave. Whatever the cost, it should include the room fee that you may have paid upfront already.

    Another SP to add to your list: Anna at Eurospa, the only reason to go there. See my review in the Eurospa thread - she's very skilled in holistic massage techniques, among other things. She's on a winter-long vacation right now, but should be back in March.

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    Thanks for the detailed info everyone, especially Wolverine.
    Just a few more questions:

    Anyone know any SP's who provide MSOG? I'm looking for CBJ & FS, but with a little re-coop break in-between (hence the MSOG).

    Any peeler bars to recommend for some good times?

    Do any offer private lap dances?

    What are Alberta's rules regarding lap dances and are there any places that let you touch/suck?

    Thanks again in advance

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    Althought I'm not entirely sure what you mean by MSOG I think I have a good Ideal. I've been seeing MP's for some years now and typically YMMV.

    As for Peelers there are a few in town that offer Lap Dances now.

    Showgirls, Diamonds, St Petes and Chez Pierre.

    From what I've read the best Lap dances are at Chez while the others are more mainstream peeler bars that have added Lap Dances and leave something to be desired.

    In Alberta it's strictly no Touchy Touchy but at Chez depending on the girl and how she feels you may get a bit more but always go into it assuming the No Touchy Touchy. :-)

    It used to be at Chez the girls would come around and talk to you and then ask if you wanted a dance but the last time I was there which was a couple of years ago I found out the hard way that you need to approach them now if you want any action and almost missed out that night.

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    Hey Phibes, thanks for the info.
    MSOG stands for 'multiple shots on goal' but I think you figured that one out already

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    Yeah, whether you get MSOG or not will likely vary from girl to girl, and if she's gotten to know you well enough.

    As for peeler bars in Alberta....don't waste your time. They suck.

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