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Thread: show me the way

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    show me the way

    my buddies and I are planning to go up to BC next
    weekend to party and partake in these MP adventures.
    one of my buddies is shipping out to Iraq so he's needs a goodtime before heading out to the desert.

    newbies at this and all we've heard are stories from
    our other friends and are ignorant of what places are
    good, bad, well-priced, etc.

    Basically we're looking for an Asian MP where there
    are many girls to choose from, full service, and best
    services for your money.

    Any recommendations,tips, and directions would be great.
    please help..

    we'll be driving up to canada from seattle

    thanks in advance


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    Bex, do a search of it and you`ll find all the info you need.

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    so bex is the place? thanks..i'll do a search...

    i promise i'll post my own reviews of my "devirgination" into this scene.


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    when we get in the city..are there any recommended newspapers or publications out there for MPs

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    If you come to town, the easiest way to find these places is the Province Newspaper. You can get these in any store or many newspaper box. In the classified section there are many ads for MPs. If you go to a pub you might be able to find a Georgia Straight paper (free), but they have more independents than MPs. It is best to check out this review board here. Most AMP offer fs at between 100~150 rate in canuck bucks. It is also advised to exchange your money to Canadian $ first as you will not get a good rate for any pub, restaurant, store or AMP. Good luck.
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    thanks for the good responses and tips fellas, keep them coming!!...i need to be informed before i make the plunge.

    what about in terms of HOT girls...i've been reading some of these BEX reviews, seems like not too many "hotties'
    any other recommendations for hot girls...i guess a drawback of going to those places may be that the girls may charge more or have more attitutde...

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    so we did it

    we followed the recommendations and went to BEX
    my friend got cece and I got some japanese girl, i think her name was yuki maybe?..not sure, i forget, the stuff just happened so fast

    they were both decent looking and we did normal stuff, massage, cbj, FS, etc.
    the girl i was with was very nice, wish there was more selection of SP that night, there was only 5 available i think on a saturday night.

    we both paid 200 total; 50 for room, 150 for SP.

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