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Thread: Where are the street girls?

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    Where are the street girls?

    Where have all of the street girls from the Seymour Richards Helmekn(?) area go? I guess this was the high track area. Where are they now? I read that the new area was Kingsway between Boundary and a street that I forget the name of, but know exactly where it is in Vancouver. I have looked in this area, and at best I have seen 2 girls in the area, and I have been there at all hours of the evening, all days of the week. Thanks.

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    Maybe its' because the weather here is so cold. I've been outside around 10pm-3am and it's probably too bloody cold for the street girls

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    Not just now...

    Not just now, but over the last couple of years.

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    The numbers have definitely decreased, my guess is that LE has had something to do with it and people aren`t willing to shell out and possibly get busted or be seen by someone they know or be scammed when there are plenty of good MP`s and some good escorts out there.

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    If its Boundary you've gone too far!

    The Kingsway prime talent usually begins near the Nanamio Street Petro Canada and continuing eastward toward a little bit past Joyce Street's Safeway.

    Many of these prime talent girls are pimped.

    West of this area are some stray part-timers up to about Fraser Street.

    The downtown area is increasingly facing pressure from all those micro-condos popping up and residences complaining.

    The Surrey scene is "growing" compared to the Vancouver scene.


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    The street scene has been dead and pathetic for the past few years.

    Low track is too scary, mid track is largely hit and miss and the new tracks are on Kingsway and Surrey.

    And even at that, there is more LE, less selection and prices are higher. In all, generally not worth the value. But you can run across the gem here and there, but definetely not the same scene.

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