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Thread: Classy Ladies Vancouver Tour Feb 12 -18!

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    Classy Ladies Vancouver Tour Feb 12 -18!

    Just talked to Viki at CL 604-789-4327 and she says they're coming to Vancouver noon tomorrow. Her computer was down so she was unable to post. About 10 gals coming: Maria, Pandora, Tabitha, Ella, Leah, Jenny etc...She's accepting bookings now. Location yet to be decided.

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    does CL have a website pic of these girls??

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    Classy Ladies

    Hey Shank,

    Thanks for the upadate.

    One question, the phone number you provided has a 604 area code. Since when does Viki have a Vancouver area code number.
    Or is this a typo and should be 250 area code.


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    Gotta like the view from behind

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    area code is correct.

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    Yo 2cums

    Sorry can`t help you here. I have`nt seen any of the ones coming over. Lotsa new faces.
    Saw Pandora in the lobby, she had nice skin.



    rev: Pandora from Classy Ladies
    Posted by D Duk , Sat, Oct 19, 2002, 17:00:39 Post Reply Forum
    I spent an incredibly memorable session with Pandora.
    She is a young curvy woman with auburn hair, 5`5" and about 120 lbs. 34C-24-35 (my best guess) with incredibly shaped perky breasts. She has a cute Jamie Curtis look and the session was a top notch body shaking adventure. I`m not sure if it is YMMV because we actually hit it off quite well. She is quite intelligent and a nice conversationalist too.

    I should keep this jewel secret but that would not do her any good. Treat her nicely as she is well worth it. I place my time with her up there with Jordan (from JordanForYou) and Lisa of Special Ladies.

    Don`t miss the Classy Ladies tour because at $$ for the hour and given the experience I had, it blows all of the local agencies out of the water.



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    Yo 2Cums

    Can't you just post Pandora's review here?

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    Are Pandora and Lisa coming this time? Pandora is removed from the CL site. I am wondering if she will come this time. I booked her last time, but she left early as she was sick. I really want to see her this time.

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    Yo hk9999

    Sorry, I can't remember who she said was coming. Just call Viki. Her phone is probably busy. Another # to try: 1-250-888-8826
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    Yo 2Cums

    A negative review is just as useful as a good one.

    My experience with CL has always been positive. Actually my experience with most SPs anywhere have been positive with 1 or 2 exceptions. A little research, your sixth sense, how you interract all pay dividends.

    Viki has been known to listen to her clients and will often make it up to them when one has had a bad experience.

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    CL Website

    has just been updated.

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    Anyone has seen Ella

    Her pic in CL site looks good. Anybody has a review of her?


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    CL Reviews

    Talked to Viki early this evening and she was so busy that she did'nt even have time to talk. Now if she's that busy where the heck are the reviews??!!

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    I called Viki too. Do you think she is the same Viki as before? Her voice is sounded younger than the one I talked to on the last tour.

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    Don't worry, the real Vikki is there -- a younger girl did answer the phone but she passed me over to the ultimate Madame!

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