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Thread: Difference between half hour and full hour?

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    Difference between half hour and full hour?

    Hey guys,

    Just want to clear up something here....i've been doing the MP and independent escort scene for awhile and I was always under the assumption that a half hour rate is for BJ only and an hour rate is for full service. But by reading some threads here, some of you get full service for the half hour rate too.

    So does that mean I can get full service for the half hour rate too??

    I have experienced with escorts before that do outcalls and when you only pay for half hour rate.... you only get a BJ if your lucky.


    Confused or unlucky??

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    Unhappy that sucks...

    Ask before hand! 1/2 an hour IS a shorttime, but not toooo long.

    But to answer your question of "So does that mean I can get full service for the half hour rate too?? "

    Usually, YMMV, but generally yes, It does.

    But the difference in $$ is usually minimal and its worth it for an hour, IMHO...

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    Red face good advice

    Yup, it's always good to know what you're getting into, before you get into it. However, one still thinks with the wrong head from time to time, and that's one trouble strikes like an adder - sudden and deadly.

    If an SP tells me "we'll discuss that when we get together", I always say "fine, but I reserve the right to call off the date for a nominal fee of $10." That usually gets one of two responses: "f**k off and die!", or "that's fine as long as I have the same right". Either way, it works out.

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    "fuck off and die"

    That's a good one Willie. Excellent screening technique.

    Another way to clear up the ambiguity about half hour and full hour is to ask if what she means by an hour is a full sixty minutes. Often the rush artists will say, "No, it refers to service." or words to that effect. Do not expect a GFE from these ones.

    I can understand the girls wanting to be a bit careful about openly discussing sex acts with a first time caller but I have to say that the very best that I have been to see were not shy on the first call, nor did they ask for a phone call from a nearby telephone booth before they gave the address. They were just plain up front about everything. It seems to go with great service.

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    By the hour or by the shot???

    I had this conversation with Ana Leigh when she returned to Van last year.

    She told me that most SP's charge for the service, not for the hour. If you cum within 5 minutes, she feels she did her job and leaves. That leaves those of us who expect an hour of time feeling cheated. We often see comments in reviews about the SP leaving before the hour was up. That is why.

    Notice how many times the question, "How many shots on goal?" comes up. Many SP's allow just one, meaning you pay by the shot, not by the hour.

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    I am not experienced as an SP or a client, but I think if you pay for 3o mins. you should get 30 mins. You can still have another 25 mins of pleasure, any other job you can't leave before the end of you shift.

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    I thought the difference was about 30 minutes

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    That's so weird, 30 min outcall?

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    foxy tsunami

    I've gotten even older (50 plus) clients off twice in half hour...fs included...but this is not for the faint of heart, in fact, you may find yourself seeking out shelter at a mp afterwards just to relax.

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    Wow! Just like old home week, Nookie, Trapper and Nonny, all in the same thread!

    4ever-while you can't go into the gory details over the phone, you could ask if the service is full, also, if you wanted MSOG, ask if it is unlimited.

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    Back in the good old days (the '80s) a half hour used to be code for a BJ and an hour meant FS. Nowadays, a half hour and an hour are more likely to mean 30 and 60 minutes.

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    I normally pick 1+ hour, however, in the limited times I have chosen 30 minutes, FS has always been available.

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    Be careful when a lady quotes you a price for "up to an hour." That is code for a "cum and done" service which basically means you have up to an hour to get off, but once you get off she gets out. That phrasing is used a lot in the states not sure how frequent it is done here (B.C., Alberta).
    Red Baron

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    Sheesh, from June 2002 to January 2005?

    Sheila, just how did you find this thread anyway?
    "Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." - Will Rogers

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    If an SP advertises that the donation is for the time only, and the SP leaves prior to the agreed time, then is it false advertising at work?

    Moreover, what is the logic behind advertisements saying that donations are only for the time, yet certain "services" (GFE, .gr, couple, etc.) are extra? It seems rather ironic because then it becomes obvious that the donation is not really for the time of escorting sessions.

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