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Thread: Looks vs Service

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    Looks vs Service

    I was wondering if there was an inverse relationship between looks and service/attitude. There probably are some real gems out there but it seems from the posts that I've read that the better looking the SP the lousier the service/attitude. Is it just my imagination ?

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    Often true, but not always the case. I find that many mp girls are often that way. Since the better-looking ones have all the customers they can handle, the others have to make up the difference in mileage. Many of the top Indies has great looks & service. I think that is the great thing about these boards. It can save you a lot of $ if you had to build your own database!
    The truth is out there

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    I dont think it has anything to do with looks. Some SP just work harder at trying to please their customers. There are a few SP who have a combination of looks and a good attitude during the sessions

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    There`s definitely a fair bit of YMMV going on as well. I`ve noticed a lot of very different reviews. I think if you are polite with an SP, are clean cut, smell good, and don`t be a cheap ass you will tend to get better service on average. If I was an SP and some raunchy dude walked through the door I wouldn`t even give them the time of day. If a customer was rude or obnoxious they would certainly not get my most attentive service. On the other hand if someone shows up and is on time, polite, gives me a fair donation, does not demand services I may be uncomfortable providing (especially first time around) they would get far better mileage. I`ve had my share of bad service but it seems to be from the girls who either do not, or can not provide good service. I have never had a rude service provider and I think it is because of the attitude that I go in with.

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    Wowzers what a long post

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    In my experience..

    I find that the very high end, 10's are usually not very nice to me! Since I make sure that I am well dressed, clean,shaved,smell good (before any appointment) and I'm not that bad to look at I've come to the conclusion that they are not nice to anyone because they don't feel they have to be! There have been a couple exceptions..
    I find that girls that are say a 5/6/7 go the extra mile sometimes, and believe me, make up for thier looks in service.
    I have also met some surprisingly good looking girls in the Franklin strip area, with relativley no attitude, but with more safety measures in place. I have never had a good experience from any of the girls on the high track, unless I have seen them on low before hand, and there aren't many that make the switch.
    So...I would have to agree with deke

    A very good question/observation, squid!
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    Which begs the question,what happened to the fine lookin' ladies from 1-2years ago on Franklin and McLean?

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    A suggested subtle tweak to the thread

    I think this thread should be titled "Perceived Looks versus Service". IMHO, those SPs that perceive themselves as something special, rarely, if ever, are.

    Those that are comfortable in their own skin but not so impressed with themselves that their personalities shut down, those are the attractive ones and service is typically commensurate with that attractiveness.

    It is like the ads many use, if you see the words "Miss ........" (e.g. Nude Las Vegas, Vancouver Island Tits 1996 etc. etc.), "I am so beautiful..." or anything similar, then, IME, watch out. How many of the more experienced guys out there have walked into the place of a "Goddess" or someone with a "Degree in Sexuality" or something similiarly lame to find a ssssshhhhock to the system.

    Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder (or beerholder for some) but plain old nasty beeetttccchhiiineess can go all the way to the core not matter what the package looks like.

    Interesting thread.

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    Freddy, not all have been as lucky as you

    Most of the more senior posters here did not have boards in their initial forays into the hobby and that is when, oh horror of horrors, sights that sssssshhhhhhhhhouldddd never be ssssseeeeennnnn were seen by too many.

    Now, of course, the information is more plentiful. Not always accurate or better, but certainly plentiful.

    P.S. Julia - was not thinking of you at all in particular re. goddess etc. Pure coincidence. And I do see you do a lot tongue in cheek and maintain a personality that does not go into capital B mode when all isn't going to plan like a petulant 5 year old.

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    I will be landing
    I just noticed that Vancouver Julia finally got an avatar. A feminine cat just like me.
    happy pussy

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    Smile Avatar - an odd choice of word used by many CGs


    1. The incarnation of a Hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form.
    2. An embodiment, as of a quality or concept; an archetype: the very avatar of cunning.
    3. A temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity: occultism in its present avatar.

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    Squirrel...... animal form. Nothing says it couldn't be small and furry? Are you a deity?

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