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Thread: iso Dana of Bella Madonna info

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    iso Dana of Bella Madonna info

    What's the skinny on her?

    What is she like, what does she allow...condition of incall etc???

    Anyone been with her???

    I make art!

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    I had an appointment set up for her to come see me when I was in Vancouver. She was very nice and friendly on the phone and she told me to call her a couple of hours before the appointment to confirm. She said she was arranging her ride and that was the last I heard from her.

    Maybe it was me....that same weekend Gingerspice also no showed and my ATF Mercedes called me and said she was ill. At least my other scheduled appointments with Rachel, Courtney Cuddles showed up and Scarlett saved the day and filled up the rest of my weekend.

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    dana at bella madonna

    Yo arnoldforu:

    Your litany of no show's reads like a Sad Sack cartoon (very dated).

    Christ, they that didn't show and they that did show up, sounds like it would take ME a month (or maybe three weeks if flush) to satisfy them all.

    Are you a multiple booker? Or a super stud???

    Or have I misread something??


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