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Thread: What Determines Vacaton Plans?

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    What Determines Vacation Plans?

    First I want to thank all of the people who have placed reviews on the boards. I recently made a trip to Victoria and the reviews did help. To the reviewers keep up the good work, to the rest, provide as you can.

    Now a question. I have read reviews were someone got a specific service and two or three reviews later another client said the provider told him she never would do that. Case in point is taking a trip to Greece. All factors being close to equal, looks, money, time, etc. what would keep a provider from taking the trip with one client when she would not with another?

    Like I said, ladies this is a chance for you to rate the clients.

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    One possible solution

    Maybe size matters? I know a lady in Seattle that comes right out and say's "Greecian tours are for small men only".

    The funny thing is, I don't ever recall seeing a review of her where time was spent in Greece. I guess no one is willing to admit they are "small" after getting the tour.
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    I guess that explains why Shaka is such a frequent traveller ! ..bwhahahahahaha
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    You're baaad!

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