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Thread: Vancouver SP Multiple Choice Test!

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    Vancouver SP Multiple Choice Test!

    Please note, the following Vancouver SP Multiple Choice Test is for your enjoyment. The answers will be revealed by the Hamster in a couple of days.

    If the response level is high, this could be the first on many enjoyable and hopefully insightful pooning multiple choice tests!

    Let the fun begin. Please respond with your answers below...a simple A, B, C, or D is sufficient. However, any additional comments are welcome but will not persuade the judge if incorrect! (The Hamster's ruling is final)

    1. Which one of these lovely ladies is the best SP to spend your hard earned money on?

    A. Angel from Surrey
    B. Morgan
    C. ?
    D. Angelina

    2. Which of the following is a safe act to perform on an SP? (Safe for both the pooner and the SP)

    A. BBBJ with a Peter North style CIM finish
    B. Going down on an SP and dining until she cums or your tongue turns numb
    C. Rubbing your little guy between her warm delicate hooters until you erupt in a fountain of jizz all over her smooth baby like skin
    D. Pissing and Shitting on each other until the sun comes up and then dipping your wand into her poop chute for a finale

    3. Who's known for being the Kitten on Alberni Street?

    A. Nikki from College Cuties
    B. Yumiko
    C. Angelina
    D. Jumi

    4. Which of the following is considering the most embarrasing for a Pooner?

    A. Unable to get it up
    B. Having the SP insist you take a shower
    C. Realizing you have a dirty bum as the SP gives you a massage with special treatment around your hairy starfish
    D. Farting while getting a hummer

    5. Which one of these MP charges the lowest rate for 1/2 hr full service?

    A. Broadway Bodycare
    B. Diamond Bodycare
    C. Cherry Relaxation
    D. Bex
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    Your Friend,


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    C for all...

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    Hey Hamster

    You said that you've seen more than 100 SP. I think it'd be a great idea if you have that Hamster top100 escorts so you could rank them from 1-100 based on their looks, performacne and attitude. It'd probably be useful for the pooners including myself. That's just my suggestions since you're a senior member and I'm sure that you've experienced alot from the bad, soo and the best ones.

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    Top 100 SP

    Hamster list of his favourite sp from the supposedly 100 sp he claimed he'd seen. Yap that'd be interesting to see.

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    100 SP's x $200 a pop (average) = $20,000 in one month.

    Livin' in a dream world young man.

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    THe Answers!

    1. B - Morgan - This is the only answer that will likely cause an argument. , cheaper rates, and you can't top her pleasant personality (even if put on a bit).

    2. C
    3. C
    4. C
    5. C

    Close but no scored 100% correct so a second test will be posted shortly. Thanks for participating.

    Your Pal
    Your Friend,


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