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    Question Safety question

    Hi there,

    This is only my second time posting, but have been lurking for quite some time. My question is this:

    I hear of alot of people DATY, rimming, and BBBJ. Aret hey not concerned at all with catching anything? What about the woman, how dumb can they be?

    I can understand DFK, I mean there isn't too much harm in that, but the other three is a little crazy don't you think.

    I am curious to hear how different people would respond to this.

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    yes, i'd like to know too...
    is there a possibility to catch something from DATY or BBBJ?

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    Lightbulb More of a Question for the lounge

    Is this a question relevant to Vancouver Reviews? Much more of a topic for the lounge. If you're seriously concerned I suggest you do a search for STD's and related info on the risks associated with performing certain sexual acts. Ask Dr. Rhona Raskin.
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