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Thread: Lexy @ Southside Health Studio

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    Lexy @ Southside Health Studio

    Well the place is a dump, had 2 girls working. Seriously the place is a dump.
    Well as for Lexy? she had this wierd rash thing on her ass, turn off, was dressed in jeans and dident look sexy at all. For a while i thought maybe this is a real studio, not a rub and tug type outfit. They are your Regular MP, just run down and the 2 girls i saw dident work for me, plus she had a rash on her ass, she shouldent be working in that condition.
    Stay away unless your into this kind of thing.
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    I've read that there is a mother/daughter combo working there. For those of you into some kind of kinky duo ;-). Mind you I don't know if they do that, those rooms are like closets.

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