Well it has been awhile and the last time I was at CL I was with Cheryl; we had fun and I did a review of her but can't find it.

At first Cheryl didn't recognize me and although it would have been a great ego boost for her to see my dick and say" oh ya i recognize that big beauty" she came back in the room and said you had a beard last time.....oh well

I love her face, hair, the biting of the lower lip and watching her cross over the barrier of an average work day screw to a good time.

She is a woman with meat on her bones but not a BBW. I think it's baby fat. She still wants to get her breasts done and that's her choice but right now they are responsive. Quite shy about being an escort but we had fun last time and this time we had more fun. The best part is when both of you have a good time. If she opens up she can be quite wild and is a closet nymph.

As I have told many a people- any guy can get off but it takes some talent to get a woman overly excited and that is a great payoff.