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Thread: Athena, Mya at CL?

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    Athena, Mya at CL?

    Any low-down on Athena, Mya at CL?


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    Can't tell you anything about Athena, I have not seen her. There are reviews in here somewhere, from at least a couple of reputable posters. Search for them.

    Mya - I'd steer clear. I saw her once last summer, and never again. I believe that at least one other poster has agreed. Again, do a search. You may need to put a couple of ** behind her name, as I think the search only picks up on five characters.

    Lots of other good experiences available at Classy. I'd reccommend Terran or Gillian from recent experiences. I'd have to think back on other encounters.

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    Thumbs down Skip Mya

    Please don't do it! That is, with Mya I mean. I felt like my pockets got picked.
    I would recommend to a friend to check out Seduction Unlimited.
    Vikki is first class and the girls I've met thru her have been super!
    I can give a good reference for Kasha of S.U..
    If you love an excellent massage then Hannah at Escape & Relax is TOPS in British Columbia.

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    Question Kayla at CL

    I really like the looks of Kayla at CL. Have any of you guys tried her? Any comments? Thanks! ---Moe

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    I'd say avoid Athena. From my experience, she really would rather be doing anything else... and will try to kill a lot of time. She's a pretty girl, but definitely her heart isn't in it.

    Don't know about Mya.

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