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Thread: Heaven Lei

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    Heaven Lei

    Does anyone have an experiences of this lady?

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    You gotta be kidding me!

    She'd have to pay me $500 an hour and stand across the room for the entire session!

    Maybe send Randyinvan private message!
    Your Friend,


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    the lowdown on Heaven Lei

    She is old. At least fifty. I saw her a couple of years ago. Nice rack, that she claims is real - as if. I seem to remember a lot of saggy skin around the buttocks, hamstring area.
    Heaven offers(ed) a service that no one else does. A tongue bath of your entire feet. Licks every crevise, sucks yours toes. It is very erotic. And I seem to think she bbbj'd me, but don't quote me on this.
    She likes to drink, so bring the wine. The more she drinks the higher the milege.

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