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Thread: Prices have gone up to play!

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    Prices have gone up to play!

    Looks like several MP in Vancouver have just increased their prices this week from 200 and up per hr. Probably 50 more for outcall. That would be 250 per hr., may as well go and see an indie in her place? Business must be good or is it that the US dollar is helping our economy?
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    The increase in rates will help the escorts pay off their cadillacs LOL

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    CC still at their same rates

    160 for 1/2, 180 for 1 hr
    Add 25 for outcall

    Better jump in before they increase their rates!

    You snooze, you lose


    PS I'm not pimping the place and don't own any part of it, lol
    Wish I did. Just imagine the perks!

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    I'm not usually an MP guy but which ones have increased their rates? I hope Classy Ladies comes on tour again soon and I hope Viki does her special rate again!

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    Hey...maybe with the increase in the rates, there will also be a proportional increase in the quality of the service too.

    Do you think? Dream on!

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