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Thread: I have to ask...

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    I have to ask...

    Is Shawna all that bad? I see her posts everywhere, particularly on Big Doggie. If she is as bad as everyone says, how does she stay in business?

    Has anyone here actually seen her?

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    I guess the answer is depending on which day/time you see her. She could be nice, normal, twisted, freaky and down right wierd. She sells her video, pictures, used lingeries, cybersex chat and of course cartering to the curious first timers. Book an appointment with her and find out.

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    Look her up in search...I did and found a post about her in the neighbourhood watch, it doesn't sound very good.

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    I'm aware of all the bad reviews. They are so bad, I just want to hear from someone who has actually been. When you look at her site, she doesn't seem as bad as everyone makes her out, but it doesn't look like she is trying to hide anything either.

    Anyone actually suffered through a session with her?

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    I have seen her once had a special 2 hours for the price of one. she was ok especially at the price of 6 greens for the 2 hours but she told all kind of stories and shit house was a mess and smelled of wet dog she only allowed one shot on goal. So I left after about 80 minutes gave ok massage and she kept on answering phone. I hate that.

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    i've been to shawna's... smells like dog breath. sat on a couch and it was wet... stunk up my pants.... i think it was dog piss... anyway.. i just said "i can't do this" and left.

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