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Thread: iso russian accent

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    iso russian accent

    I feel like living my james bond fantasy.. and iso of a russian accent bombshell ... any ideas?

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    iso russian accent

    ya ha ha..

    No seriously... any russian or east european providers out there?

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    In Richmond has many Russian ladies available.

    Check there!


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    To Russia with Love

    Hey there...

    You might try Lola from Golden Moon on West 8th. Bonified Russian lady in her late twenties. Warning.....YMMV.....she is sweet as Honey and a wonderful lady. It has been almost four months or so since I have been to this place, but she seemed to be quite regular. And my best recommendation.

    Just a suggestion. No gaurentee she still works there. You will have to check. L/A/S- 9/8/8.

    I think she was a truley beautiful young women I would be proud to have on my arm any where in the city. Do treat her nice....this is not a career for her, but a means to fund her education and make the most of her career choices.

    I liked Lola alot...and I have seen her over the past year or so on about five occasions.

    Golden Moon has a website link on is out of date. That is where you will find the number to call.

    Enough said.

    Best of luck James Bond...this is your mission is you choose to accept it... ;-)

    Be nice and be safe. Good manners are free and being rude will eventually cost you.

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