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    Question ISO: New West options

    Let me start by saying that this board is a first class resource (despite the arguing that goes on) and I will definitely do my part (pun in there somewhere?) to contribute. Just started a job in New west and working split shifts allows me some play time in the aft/ early evening. Any recommendations? My search with "new" and "west" turned up several non-applicable posts.
    Thanks in advance - P

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    It's called Mirabella

    The place on 12th Street you're talking about I believe is called Mirabella. Their number is 604-540-5100

    You can see an ad for them at:

    As for SP's in New West, probably the most well known is Jennifer, her ad's on the Buy & Sell. Another one is Angeline, she has an ad on HNE (although reviews of her seem mixed). I can't say I've seen either girl myself.

    Hope this helps....

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    I'm relieved to see that some people are using the search function. This is a step in the right direction.

    Why restrict yourself to NewWest? If you're looking for something specific, you might want to keep your options open. Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Surrey are just a short drive away. If you don't have a car, all three are accessible by Skytrain. If you have a little more time, downtown is also an option. Good luck, and have fun.
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    There are not many options in New West or Burnaby for independent ladies.. There are several MPs in the Metrotown area in Burnaby.. I have been to two.. or may be three.. Mirbela or whatever in New West does not have a good selection.. they offer all inclusive.. AcuPoint.. there is a male guy who takes the room fee and then you choose the girls.. there were 4 available when i went there.. long time ago.. I have heard about this Korean place tooo but have not been there.. so dont know about that one..
    If you are interested in Independent SPs then you best bet is to go to surrey.. or Richmond as someone suggested... I only know about the SPs tha I can find online.. cant comment about those advertising in papers.. there must be few in bby and nw.
    If you are into street scene.. there is always some variety on Kingsway/12th Street from Edmonds to 6th Ave.. Mostly they are on 14th to 12th Ave.. You may find a gem if you are lucky.. and cheap too.. but other times.. its not worth it..
    Have fun..... and play it safe...

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