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    Question Jill & Jack

    Does anyone know anything about these two? They advertise as a couple (and individually) on a few sites, including eros-vancouver.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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    I've answered to their ad a few times and heard nothing from them. This couple use to advertise in and didnt provide a phone number. I sent them my email twice and never heard back from them. I figure it wasnt worth my time if these people dont even bother responding to my emails

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    Same Experience

    I also had the same problem. I e-mailed them, answered all the questions they request that you answer and was not too graphic in my post and never heard anything back from them. It was too bad since my wife and I were looking for some fun. I did see on the Classy Ladies site that they now have a couple (Sean and Serena). Anyone seen either of them? Sounds like fun.

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