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Thread: ISO Mandy @HN

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    ISO Mandy @HN

    Anyone have any info about Mandy @HN? Her ad says she's only here till the end of January. She looks hot!

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    You gotta love the chicks that advertise themselves 10 years younger than they really are! I mean, I don't care how much plastic surgery they've had, that's just ridiculous!

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    Thumbs down Mandy - not worth it.

    Mandy Of HN:

    Couldn't find any escorts I wanted available, thought it's time for me to take 1 for the team. called Mandy, gave her 45 mins to get ready, called again in 45 min, needed another 25mins for her to get ready. Fine, another 25min in the cold.

    Got to nice apt, when the door opened, I thought she was the phone girl. The pictures were 10 times better than the real person. I thought the service made up for it, so I stayed, was I wrong.

    2.5/5.0 - the 2.5 is for her nice natural boobs. she has acnes and smoker teeth.

    2/5 - not into it at all

    1/5 - I asked for a unrushed session, 10 min into the event, she asked if I was there yet. She paid attention to herself, not the client.

    Overall I find her unprofessional:
    1) initially $200 for 1 hour, got there, changed to 45 mins
    2) no make-up cuz she's in skin treatment
    3) always on the phone during the session - for god's sake, I didn't pay you to answer the freaking phone!
    4) throw all my clothing in the dirty laudry basket (hey, I still have to wear them to leave!)
    5) no kiss, I respect that, then DON'T drink off of my glass if you fear fluid exchange.
    6) asked for an unrushed session, keep telling me to go faster and faster. Guess she has calls to return.
    7) 1 sog, left after 22mins. that's cad$10/min. Should have listened to my gut instint and left before even started.
    8) she said she's only been in this business for 2 wks, yet, she has a complete price structure for her service - e.g. finger glove (extra if you want your digit to do the dirty deed), lube extra.

    Take it from me, stay far away from this SP.

    From now on, I will stick with the safe choices. I find that I am not as adventurous as many of you. Sorry.

    Be Safe.

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    Appreciate the info CGE. It sucks when you hear a fellow pooner take one for the rest of us and it turns out to be a lousy one. However, we do need to expose the scammers and the false advertisers. Sorry to hear this one was a bad choice. Her pics do look pretty good!

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