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Thread: SEE classified - Starr-leen/Christina

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    Question SEE classified - Starr-leen/Christina

    Anybody ever seen any of these escorts that advertise in the See weekly rag?

    They both look pretty good, and Starr-leen seems pretty good value $.5

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    As ususal Edmontons Escorts are highly Bait and switch/over priced/waste of time. Also youll find if you call a few numbers you keep getting anwsered by the same few people. Theres only 2 or 3 Independents in Edmonton, and they dont even come close to the quality and price of 90% of the MPs I have been to.
    Just call some of the numbers and youll realize that the same person anwsers for most of the girls, and when the girl your calling for is not there so you move on to the next one to try then get the same person again who you just talked to, it can be rather annoying for both.
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