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Thread: moving to Vancouver?

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    Question moving to Vancouver?

    Hello Everyone
    My friend & I are contemplating a possible move to the big city from sleepy V. Island. We are a couple of talented masseuses who wish to establish our independent businesses and are seeking advice/info on what to expect regarding where to locate/avoid, clientele, prices, services etc. We are used to the laidback pace of the island & our friends are scaring us with stories of big city mayhem! What's going on in Vancouver?
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    Sleepy places...

    Until you've aclimated to the city, North Vancouver is a great little suburb. It's quiet and only a hop skip and a jump from down town. Depending on where you go, rent ranges...although it's probably all lower than down town.

    In D/T you'll get more walk in/walk through customers.

    In North Van, there is more a family setting, lonsdale aside. Usually lots of free parking (again, Lonsdale aside which has 1 & 2 hr free limited parking) and it's a beautiful setting with pretty friendly people. Once you've settled here and built a clientele, you may wish to move to the more expensive down town core.

    But that's just a suggestion from a valley/NS boy at heart. You're right on the mountains and the beaches. ah
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the info guys! Is there anything we should be on the lookout for? i.e. heat, gangs, freaks etc?? sorry to sound so smalltown, we just want to be prepared!

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    Any info on your arrrival and time for business

    I like to welcome you to the big city Vancouver. It sounds like you are very nice and down to earth. Can you provide info on your arrival, service info or cost of your service. I am always looking for clean and down to earth massage consultants.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected]


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    Not in North Vancouver.

    The city isn't keen on MPs [body rub facilities as they call them], but they can't do anything about SP's working out of their own homes etc...
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    regarding the gangs etc....
    so they're not hanging out in N Van. but what about the rest of the city? i.e. Kits, westend, commercial drive, Granville etc etc. Is there any 'organized crime' or pimpdaddies controlling the local scene? Can a couple of islandchix really just move to town and take over?! what is a comparable price for a really nice deep bodyrub with a HJ or russian release? did I mention how great you guys are for helping us out? well you are! thanks much!

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    Islandchix PERB discount??

    As a former Islander myself, it sounds like you could do well here. If you have the right attitude, you can tell by researching this board that there would be lots of referral business for you.
    Along those lines, you could even offer a PERB member special introductory rate!!! All in favour......
    Let us all know when you have pics/description/rates available.
    By the way, I do get to the island every month. Do you have contact info there?
    You can PM me if you wish.

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    Does anyone know?

    If these gals ever made it over to the Mainland? It sure would be nice to see some happy talent here in town!
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    Question Wait a minute.....

    Perhaps I am high (yes again) but if I am not mistaken, have we not seen this same post on the perb sometime before?
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