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Thread: How can you tell if your new GF is really an SP?

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    Question How can you tell if your new GF is really an SP?

    Just thought I'd ask if anyone has had similar experiences to mine...I notice a lot of extremely hot girls at clubs, and judging by the attitude they pull (not just to me, but to most other guys), I get the impression that a lot of them work as SPs on the side. And why not? The money's good, and fast.

    I've dated a couple of hot girls I met at clubs, and found in both cases that they were both hard to reach, had weird hours and never wanted me to come over to their place...the last one really got me wondering, because one morning when I moved her purse from the counter so I could cook something, it fell open and there were tons of condoms plus 2 cell phones in there.

    Do some SPs secretly work while having BFs? Is this common?

    Anyways, has anyone else had similar experiences?

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    SPs with BF

    Most of the SPs I've known don't have BF. They say it is difficult to manage/hide and some have said they would'nt lie. The ones that do have BF say their BF know about it. The BF tolerates it or wants them out of it.
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    Simply Ask!

    Why waste time? Why go through the worry?

    Just ask them!

    Becareful the way you ask though, otherwise your free ride might come to an abrupt end!

    Possible ways to ask:

    1. Hey baby, you know I love ya right?! I could never be with anyother person while were together. I hope you feel the same...? (Leave it open)

    2. Oh Man, today was so funny at work. This guy at work was talking about how much he loves the ladies and how often he blows his whole paycheck sometimes in massage parlours! Can you believe that...who would do such a thing?
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    Smile the truth

    dude, if the girl has condoms and 2 cell phones in her purse don't be in denial, it's plain and obvious what she does...

    any girl will get ticked if you ask her what she does but more scared than pissed.

    actually a lot of sp have boyfriends or husbands in another country. but not all of them admit it to the customers because they don't like the customers to ask any further personal questions. but there are a lot that are single. just cuz they find it inconvenient and hard to hide it from possessive boyfriends. that's why a lot of young girls that are service providers work only in the daytime. cuz they got bf's that don't know, or they got school. if you're wondering how i am so sure of all this, a massage girl told me this. puhahhaa.

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    I gotta ask ... which clubs do you meet these part-timers ??

    Sorry, I don't pay extra!

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    So you find out

    Let's say you find out yrself or she tells you outright. Then what?
    If you accept it she may think it's cool (and secretly doubt whether you really love her) and you have to hide yr jealousy and other feelings you have when she sees other men. If she pays for everything and you sit at home it will make you feel like a pimp. If you don't accept it then she won't like yr telling her how to live her life. Either way it gets complicated. That's why most SPs don't have a BF when working. Honesty is good but can you live with it?

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    well that's true. any guy that allows his girl friend to do that as a job is the shit of all boyfriends. and if he does allow her to do that its definitely not going to last long and if he really doesn't have a problem with it then he is probably using her money

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    Now let me understand this joltingfish. You think a BF is a shit if he allows his GF to be an escort yet its alright for you to screw her for money? Is that what you are saying?

    BTW, vanislandguy, you may have some luck in Chicago's in NW nex door to Muggs. I can't say for sure but check it out. Trouble is they appear to be a little lower end.
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    How can you tell?

    When she comes home and says "Not tonite honey" more often than you care to listen

    when her cell keeps ringing and the person hangs up when you say hello

    when her cell keeps ringing and you hear heavy breathing before you say anything

    When most of her calls are unlisted or private

    When she won't let her cell outta sight

    When she buys a lot of stuff that she can't afford on her wages

    and my fav

    when all the bills mysteriously get paid on time and you starting getting nice gifts
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    of course regal1947

    its different. i pay to screw those girls. its just release. there is no feelings or care for the girl involved. BUT if this was my girlfriend then of course i care for her and would not want her to be an sp.

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