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Thread: ISO - Mariah

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    Question ISO - Mariah

    Advertises as an independent in Monday Mag.... "Hot Spannish Babe - come and play my way"....

    Any experience/information???

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    True, YMMV is the rule, but what sort was available? DATY?, BBBJ? BBFS? DFK? Inquiring minds would like to know....

    Then again, "who" would qualify as a "better one"?

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    Nope... not nuts... just being careful and making a judgement call by what I learn....

    Thanks for the info... I'll consider a visit one day. Now if you have any "special" recommendations - I'm all "ears"..

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    very pretty outgoing girl,great smile ,,nice body,yes a few stretch marks,,but seems to really enjoy entertaining,,seen her a few times and always worth the $

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