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    [email protected] Ladies

    Abbey is a young and fairly new provider. She is long and lean without being skinny, very fair skin and dark blonde hair. Her breasts are proportional to her slight frame with nipples like pencil erasers. She was very personable and makes you feel comfortable. If you like pretty, young and tight, this one's for you. She would turn your head and make you wish you were twenty again if you were to pass her in the mall.
    The session was good without being outstanding. No kissing on the lips and limited positions (although was purported to be "open minded") While she is trimmed, she certainly wasn't clean shaven, not that I minded as she tasted very good. I think that with repeated visits, she could have real potential.
    The location is a little weird (for me anyway) and there are parking problems in a residential cul-de-sac. I drove away the first time due to other traffic and returned a few minutes later. I prefer a place where I can park a couple of blocks away and walk in. I find that a lone pedestrian tends to be invisible to most people, especially along a reasonably busy route. The park and walk is not option at this location.
    All in all, this was an above average session and I would give Abbey another go if she was available next time I have the urge.

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys my time with Abbey. Definitely my favorite at Classy right now.

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    she is a real sweetheart. I had the pleasure of seeing her on my last trip to victoria. The boots, the thong, the bra she was wearing were really sexy. 9/7/9 - looks/service/attitude

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