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    Question ISO: SW's

    Hi there, i'm wondering where is the best place to look for SW at this time of year?

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    You seem to be looking for a cheap deal based on your previous inquiries and going against the sage advice of some long term hobbyists.

    To answer your question there is no good place to pick up an SW anytime of year. First LE does pickup johns. It is not legal. Even worse the disease ratio is significantly higher. Finally, “you get what you pay for”. On the street it can become more and sometimes it is more than expected.

    Some locations: Hastings to waterfront Main to Commercial anywhere (very bad), block around Helmcken and Richards, Kingsway from Fraser to Boundary, Kingsway sporadically to Edmonds, Kingsway from Edmonds down 12ST to 6 Avenue. Surrey, 105 Street from 104 to 108 Avenue and King George Fraser Highway to 76 Avenue.
    "The hunt is half the fun....and sometimes it's all the fun you'll get"

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