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Thread: Hottest Blonde on CL

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    Arrow Hottest Blonde on CL

    This is the hottest blonde I've every seen on CL. Tineye shows no hits.

    Search Vancouver, Blonde, Krystal age 24.

    anyone info?

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    Indeed she is very hot.. Buf for some reason I doubt thats really her

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    This one is up there too with no results on tineye.
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    RAINCITY, Beautiful BC. Home of the hottest women in the world per capita.
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    Good work, same pic as the one I posted.

    I talked to her this afternoon, and I asked her if it was really her in the pic as there a lots of fake pics on CL, and she said yes...but she didn't seem that reassuring if you know what i mean.

    Also, she listed her height at 5'9", but that girl in that pic is probably 5'2" to 5'5" max.

    Also, I got the feeling that the service won't be very good with this girl. She didn't communicate that well, I had to ask her a question, and she answered it, but the conversation would stop. THen I asked another question, and she answered it in a word or two, and this repeated itself. ...not much friendly chatter on her part - who knows what the service will be like.

    so anyone who TOFTT, tell us what see really looks like - i really doubt the pic is hers.

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