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Thread: HTC Pro2 - Anyone own one?

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    HTC Pro2 - Anyone own one?

    Hi all,

    From what I can see it looks like a pretty cool device.

    But I would like to see one up close and personal.

    1) Anyone know a retailer in Vancouver/Area who actually has one on display that is up and running?

    2) Is the zoom in and zoom out (for surfing web pages) as good and as intuitive as the IPhones zoom in and out?

    3) Is the Windows Mobile 6.1 (it's OS) pretty good for accessing most web sites with log ins? etc...

    Anyone have any problems using?

    Thanks all.
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    Like all HTC products this one is full of bells and whistles, but will barely make it through the day without charging. If you actually use the device, the battery life is brutal and no 3.5mm jack is a pain. The back cover is flimsy and the mini SD slot is under the back cover. You will also have to constantly delete text messages and phone history, more than usual, or the thing will slow down and freeze.The Pro2 is also rediculously expensive and Windows Mobile 6.1, in this case, is tired. I have tested the last 5 HTC Smart Phones and did not recommend a single one to my clients. JMHO

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    Thanks for the straight goods.

    I like the Iphone, just not so excited about losing the tactile keyboard.

    I'm all thumbs so to speak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missy Mariposa View Post
    I find this true of most phones (smart or not) these days unfortuantely. I just leave mine plugged in 24/7 and only unplug it to go out. At incalls it's on silent and charging as well. If you're a very mobile person the HTC is 100% a poor choice. It *is* a fun phone though
    I have been reading a lot of reviews, there are similar complaints (re. battery life) about the Iphone.

    The biggest complaint I've seen about the HTC Pro2 is the OS Windows 6.1

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