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Thread: Edmonton, Stockings , Stilletos, and XXXplicit Behavior !

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    Lightbulb Edmonton, Stockings , Stilletos, and XXXplicit Behavior !

    Soft candel light , Hot warm bubbles , slidding down my body.

    Supple leather, that is cool agains my hot skin...

    Can you see the look on my face ... I want you to touch me so badly.

    Silk gown slidding down my curves untill it is like a puddle on the floor..

    Feel my supple skin, feel it come alive , full of electricity. Full of anticipation.

    Soft and dewy, can you feel how much I want you..

    The look of carnal desire is in my eyes, what you will do to ease my wanton needs.

    How would you rather spend a couple hours today ?

    My 90 mins Gentalmens Hour is on Special again for 300.00 as my Holiday gift to you all.

    My hedoinistic side is here and ready to play.. where are you?

    I will be back in the south end Tomorrow by 3 pm ish untill Sunday Morning Check out .

    XoXo Vivian

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    I made

    Well I made , I am well rested and ready to play... care to join me?

    I am tucked away in a very cozy spot in the south end..

    The fastest way to reach me is by phone.

    XoXo Vivian 604.805.

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    Good morning Fella's

    With all this cold wind I am staying very close to my

    I have some time to play today from 4pm to 10 pm Saturday and 9am to 9 pm on Sunday.

    I am planning on Heading down to Calgary Monday around checking time.

    Give me a call if you would like to brave the cold an come warm up with me and my cleavage and curves.

    XoXo Vivian

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