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Thread: Dec 24 & 25 & Jan 31st-1st

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    Lightbulb Dec 24 & 25 & Jan 31st-1st

    Hello all,


    For all of you non-Christians, or those who are stuck in town without company, my always stellar, warm & sensual services are available on the 24th & 25th.

    I'm not at all religious myself so if you are looking for a church going companion for midnight mass, I'm not the girl for you, despite how much fun it might be to shock the priest in the confessional.

    Usual rate of $250 will apply but there will be a 2 hour minimum.

    *Special note to all those sexy, brainy Jewish guys I so adore: An afternoon with a sexy shiksa is so much more fun than a mantinee and Chinese food. I know, I know... nothing else is open!

    New Years

    I'm not much of a party-girl and don't drink, so the revelry of New Years doesn't do much for me. So if you would like some help ringing in the New Year, I could be tempted away from my tentative plans.

    7pm to 1am - $2000
    *This is a "New Year for 2" and does not involve drugs or heavy drinking.

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