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Thread: Isabelle is back for the Holidays.

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    Lightbulb Isabelle is back for the Holidays.

    Who said you can't have it all?

    Brains? Check! Witty, university educated, auto-didactic and a voracious reader of non-fiction (science, history, politics, etc) and literature, I'm able to comfortably converse with well educated and refined men. I could not care less about sports, so if talking hockey makes you hot...I'll pass.

    Beautiful? Check! I used to be a model in my teens and have always been complimented on my beauty and delicate features. What/who do I look like? With luminous fair skin, raven locks, movie-star cheek bones, big blue eyes, and kissable pink and pouty lips, I've been told I resemble numerous classic beauties such as Ava Gardner, Courtney Cox, Sherilyn Fenn & Audrey Tautou.

    Busty? Check! My natural 34E's speak for themselves.

    My Stats:
    Age : 27
    Height : 54
    Weight : 120 lbs
    Measurements : All Natural 34E-26-36
    Hair : Sultry sable (almost black). Mid-back in length. Sometimes wavy, sometimes straight.
    Eyes : Beautiful, big and blue.
    Skin Tone : Silky, soft alabaster. No tattoos. Classic ear piercing.
    Ethnicity : Canadian born with French and Irish ancestry. *I am not French or French Canadian.

    My Rates
    250 - 1 hr
    375 - 1.5 hrs
    500 - 2 hrs
    700 - 3 hrs

    *My rates are reduced in light of the economy, do not reflect reduced services or aesthetic appeal, and are subject to change at any time. Take advantage of the reduced rates while you can.

    Christmas Special:

    2 hours for $450 if you bring a $25 gift card for a grocery store (IGA, Safeway, etc) or donate $25 to my "Because I am a Girl" fund for Plan Canada which funds education, job training, health care, legal documentation, etc for women in third world countries to help them escape the cycle of poverty.

    My Availability

    Please view my online calendar for the most up-to-date availability before making a request as my schedule changes very quickly.

    My Calendar

    My Place
    I'm located just outside of Downtown Vancouver in a stylish and ultra modern apartment. Parking is generally readily available and and I am conveniently located near a Skytrain Station and near several major transit lines.

    Your Experience
    GFE (I prefer to think of it as a "Torrid Affair Experience") - Intensely passionate and sensual, I am the very definition of a (safe) Girlfriend Experience. I am also a "Your Mileage May Vary" girl, so your experience will depend in part on your hygiene, attitude and communication. Rest assured I aim to please and always go the extra mile.

    DUOS - As I am incredibly bisexual, I am always delighted to have one of my girlfriends join us. Current duo partners include: Classy Angel, Vanesssa, Sarah Passion, Alize, and others. I play well with others so feel free in inquire about duos with other escorts. I also do massage+ duos with the always stellar Madeleine.

    COUPLES - Being bisexual, I am always happy to join you and the lady in your life for an affair to remember! An experience such as this should be a way to enhance your relationship, so communication is the key and I promise to always respect any boundaries you set.

    INSTRUCTOR - Some of the greatest honours I have ever experienced have been teaching others the delights of sensuality. I am happy to be a gentle guide for those of you who wish to gain more experience. I promise to be open, honest and tactful while teaching you skills that will bring you and your future partners immense pleasure.

    Dress Up!
    Lingerie is my favourite indulgence and I have lots to choose from. Below are just a few recent acquisitions and don't include my drawer full of French lingerie.

    Contact Me

    To book an appointment, you must email me. Please make sure to check my calendar before requesting a date. Those with my phone number are requested to refrain from calling unless you must cancel on short notice, or unless arrangements have been made for you to call at a specific time. Please respect my personal time and need for discretion.

    I require a reference from potential new clients before I will see them. This can be:

    1) A verifiable reference from a publicly listed escort. She does not have to be local. I recommend that you contact her and ask if you can use her as a reference and let her know that I will be contacting her. *I am ALWAYS happy to return the favour, and I have an uncanny recall of clients.

    2) If you are a perb/board member who has an excellent reputation with the ladies, we can probably forgo the formalities.

    3) I will consider seeing those without references at finer hotels on the condition that I verify your real first and last name and room number by calling your room through the front desk. Rest assured, I will be very discreet.

    My Site

    My Calendar
    My Email

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