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Thread: Ladies; Caught with your panties Down???

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    Wink Ladies; Caught with your panties Down???

    A few days ago DQ Guy started a fun thread for men called "Caught with your pants Down???"

    It would be great to hear from ladies who had the same happen to them.


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    I was kinda ment for both sexs.
    but I'm interested to hear them anyways
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    a few years ago......

    my husband, a musician, was away on tour and i had been out being bad. in the morning i woke up and there were a few of the guys i know spralled about the place sleeping. i got up and quietly went to the living room to turn on my phone and get on with my day figuring i would let the boys sleep until i was ready to work then wake em up and boot em out. i was hung over and knew they would be too so didn't want to wake them prematurely!lol

    anyway, i don't know about you but when i am hung over....i am fucking horny!!so a guy calls and i'm laying on my couch. he starts to ask me about my service and asking me things that i like to hear...."do you like to role play...?"....well...i won't go too far.....

    anyhoo, i start to rub one off. i'm talking to this guy and playing with myself and it goes on for awhile....i'm almost ready to cum and so is the reved up called on the other end when i open my eyes for a minute to see one of the guys standing there!!!!

    i am fuckin busted!!!as a horny little slut!!he had the boggest grin on his face!!i was like" ah...i...well...i just can't help myself!" oh yeah.....his cock was out so fast....i got fucked.....nice and hard on the living room floor!!

    i mean what could i say? sorry, i'm not that kind of girl....?

    so busted!!that guy still calls me occassionally.....mmmm.....where's my phone!!

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