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    Thumbs up Veronica @ Legends

    Well, after looking around and weighing my options I decided to "break my mp cherry" with Veronica. First let me explain that this post has been a little while coming as I have been too busy going back to legends. Veronica is EXTREMELY energetic and damned near broke me on my first visit, i was almost tempted to pay for the room for another hour just to recover. She seemed to know exactly where all my buttons are and pushed them vigorously. I've seen her now over a dozen times and she keeps taking it to new levels I've yet to find anything that she does poorly, she truly has a gift. She loves what she does and it shows. It's almost like she's reading my mind and is incredibly intuitive to my needs. Without a doubt she is worth her weight in gold
    L - 9
    A - 9
    S - 10+
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    Bump for Veronica on this also. Oddly, this was also my first visit and it was a few months ago but I would say that that one experience helped me make what is now - for good or bad - a habit...

    Very energetic, love the tattoos, awesome experience all around.

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    one of the best around

    ive seen her a few times always leave feeling great like it was worth the money.corylee is the best looking but just there for the money. now the best all around is tara from 50 street what happened to her anyone know.

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